In hopes that the Church takes notes from YouTube

Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them. – Orison Marden

Youtube became active in 2005, starting the big swing and popularity takeover of video-sharing in our day and time. Terence Armentano and Matthew Eppinette on their chapter in the book, New Media Frontier, say, “We are living in an age of information communication unlike anything ever seen before–a world in which everyone is given a voice.” (p. 94). Like many posts have stated before this one; most people are connected throughout the internet which now not only givers people a voice, but on the opposite spectrum has opened up a way for your voice to now have the opportunity to have many ears attentive to your words.

Ashton College wrote an article about the importance of face to face communication, in this article it lays out the pros of face to face communication and cons of just emailing and texting. In that Article it has a section focused on adding your personal touch and in a text personal touch cannot be achieved. The attraction to video-sharing adds that personal touch that texts and emails are missing. With that it brings a connection that is a step further in personal and relational feel for the receiver or viewer of the content. Armentano and Eppinette also mention the New Media Frontier, “The idea behind YouTube is simple: create a video, upload it to the YouTube website, and share it with the world. The users are both the producers and consumers of content on YouTube.” (p. 88).

The aspect of the users are both the producer and the consumers is huge and ultimately something that if stressed to the Church could then spark a huge undertone of discipleship. So christian implore yourself and your church to pour into others and allow others to pour into you. That will bring a humble mentality, a beautiful reliance on needing others, and understanding that through the Spirit you have value in pouring into others.

Remember This: The one who approaches the world will soon be seen as approachable by the world.

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